in the jungle

Simply nice colour combo mint green + grey for dylan's party. We were having party at the park with a simple setup. Here's the banner for dylan and he's turning 6 

kids love candies..lets see what's for desserts...

dylan's favourite animal as main feature. he's always obsessed with iguana, cameleon  and lizards...gorgeous chocolate cake by Liez. thanks for interpreting the design sooo well!

sweet caramel cone popcorns as part of the dessert. 

i wish you were green..hahaha...hi! mr. iguana hope you had fun with us..

slightly above 100cm with a zebra face. welcome lil' explorer..lets explore the "jungle"..

i hope the kids enjoying themselves there were parrots, bengal cat, iguana and rabbit..

enjoy your animal popcakes! i like elephant! creative touch by dhiya...

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