captain america : america needs a hero

i always admire chris evans from captain america he is ssoooo handsome. i only watch the movie a week before the party, i need to understand who is captain america, his favorite quote, his enemy and his ability! the birthday boy hariz (which is the superhero) is turning 10 sooo..we were struggling looking for his costume alhamdullillah we manage to get it 3 days before the event i think! syabas mummy rieza!!

we wanted to create a comic like party theme, with superhero and comic expressions.

here's the birthday cake with standing 2D superhero figurine. the top layer is taken from captain america costume with blue and red as the main color scheme.

popcake, popcorns and pop drink are part of the dessert with a special feature of flash jelly pudiing for heros only.

well here's the heros CA and batman you guys rocks!

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