love is in the air!

theme : love is sweet
concept : sweet petunia 
personalized deco and dessert table : howaboutparty
venue: cristal crowne ballroom

dessert :
  • a taste boutique
  • patty's cookie
  • pure pleasure chocolates
  • fudgesicle
photographer: hanif ramli

thanks to syieda and izzat for this great opportunity.. and congratulations!! on your wedding. this is our first time we have a lot to improve insyaallah!

the first time she called i was really nervous.. told her that we are not ready for wedding and honestly we've rejected few wedding jobs before this but she insisted and we took the offer for a new beginning..we met and finally we took the job! thanks again babe!

minimal deco, pre-selected candy imported chocoball

creative and sweet blossom popcake from fudgesicle, personalized tray by howaboutparty!

personalized tag by howaboutparty

a new beginning pop marshmallow after a few arguements ok i know i owe you the poscard babe! hihihi

personalized cookie by flowery and personalized for the wedding

 the ballroom was really dark that night we were struggling there were few events happening at the hotel and the best part was that no aircond! huih......really like sauna!

this is new! personalized topper and tag with adorable shape and designs more to come hohoho!

popcorn tree with cotton candy base

this is specially for you shieda since you was complaining you didn't get a chance to look at the deco during the reception, our kedai sooo is soo laku u kno by 1.30pm habis licin hahahah!

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