hye! we had a dino-mite party over the weekend and our junior paleonthologist starts digging and discovered t-rex fossils in the courtyard. the scientists set in white shirts with dino pics and rooooaaarrr!! here comes the dinosaur!

pink and green for combo party of boy and girl, mini cute dino part of the party decorations, green and pink heliums with dino silhouette..yummy drinks and dino-rrific time.

well the dino-eggs is about to hatch it vaporates and the spikes and spots start to form..yummy popcakes and creative inventions from farina fudgesicle bravo gurl! full party decorations and tablescape set up by howaboutparty for cute lil' aleesya-osaurus and airil-osaurus turns 6!

baby dino-eggie candy (white chocolate) sets in a dino-nest with ferns and plants! for a pre-historic era..

yummy swamp water from the mother of the 2 dinos not bad wild idea!

hey! thats the fossils it took them 3 hours to discover the whole of t-rex bones and fossil, poor mummy gotta clean up d courdyard with the dust and clay soil all over the place...

personalized dino-book for the lil' baby dino with coloring pages! hope you enjoy your birthday

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