deep blue sea

over the weekend under the sea..celebrating a party our cute adorable lisa turning one and the brother turns 4. under the sea was selected by mili, we chose blue as the main colour.

a simple dessert table with potpuri and sea shells deco, the weather was not on our side pouring the whole day but we tried our best to compose the dessert table within a short period of time.

party hat  by howaboutparty hahah! everyone likes it. boys will choose shark and girl prefered nemo. would want to have more of the oceanus party hat collection near future.

we admire the cake, it was very cute and as usual imelda interpret it very well. i want something very colourful and cute, with main sea creature like crab, fish, octopus and starfish!!

 pearl macarons. next time bigger plate ha?!

we had sandart, magicshow and games, despite of the fact that it was raining heavily the children had fun.

thanks to azz partyclick for the balloon decoration it was pretty amazing and stunning. i like the octopus and the sea weeds

hello..this is lisa she's turning one and she is the most glamourous and adorable baby that time. her mood was extremely good heyy!! no one can take off the party hat ok?!

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