happy birthday howaboutparty!!!!

it's our anniversary and we wish to share our happiness with our supporters!! first of all thanks for being here with us and we have a SUPER FABULOUS giveaway for you in the month of may!

you will have a chance to win goodies from us+cash gift voucher+ discounts for all previous party themes, party goodies, party design and etc etc...soo..stay tune and we will be announcing the winners sooonnnn!!

we love HAPPINESS! we love to make you HAPPY! and we want to share our happiness with you!!!

So this is how it works:


RM150 cash voucher is exclusively for our existing customer. Send us one of the best birthday photo which shows HAPPINESS with anyone of our party design items (banner, party hat, favor box or any of our design) via email. We will post it to our wall (fan page and blog) and gets everyone to vote. you can also tag ur friends name or get them to vote for you until end of may. The voucher is valid until 2012 sooo starts sending and campaign for vote now!! Winner will be announced in our blog or fanpage sooo stay tune! There will only be one winner under this category

RM50 cash voucher is open for everyone’s having or planning a birthday this year. Just send your email to info@howaboutparty.com and says I love howaboutparty!! and we will be sending you the cash voucher with your name on it. and the best part is…we will select the first 10 emails that gets into our mailbox from 1st may onwards, emails sent on 30th april is not valid yah! We will be announcing the winners thru our fanpage + blog and the voucher is valid until 2012 soooo be ready and remember to sent out your email by 1st may 2011….

15 mystery gifts randomly pick by howaboutparty. we will be sending you a mystery gift and will be announcing the winners thru fanpage and blog. Once the announcement been made please provide your address and contact no for our reference.


So thanks for your support everyone! starts sending those emails now! anyway why is 150,50 and 15? that is because this is our first anniversary in the month of mayyyyyyy!!! mayday mayday!!


deep blue sea

over the weekend under the sea..celebrating a party our cute adorable lisa turning one and the brother turns 4. under the sea was selected by mili, we chose blue as the main colour.

a simple dessert table with potpuri and sea shells deco, the weather was not on our side pouring the whole day but we tried our best to compose the dessert table within a short period of time.

party hat  by howaboutparty hahah! everyone likes it. boys will choose shark and girl prefered nemo. would want to have more of the oceanus party hat collection near future.

we admire the cake, it was very cute and as usual imelda interpret it very well. i want something very colourful and cute, with main sea creature like crab, fish, octopus and starfish!!

 pearl macarons. next time bigger plate ha?!

we had sandart, magicshow and games, despite of the fact that it was raining heavily the children had fun.

thanks to azz partyclick for the balloon decoration it was pretty amazing and stunning. i like the octopus and the sea weeds

hello..this is lisa she's turning one and she is the most glamourous and adorable baby that time. her mood was extremely good heyy!! no one can take off the party hat ok?! 0 comments

deep blue sea

 hi! we will be having under the sea party this week, planning to add more pics but don't have the time to compile. a combo of boy and girl birthday stay tune!

simple and sweet party goodie favor box with personalized tag

deep sea water : personalized mineral water

personalized chocolate bar part of the dessert table goodie



hye! we had a dino-mite party over the weekend and our junior paleonthologist starts digging and discovered t-rex fossils in the courtyard. the scientists set in white shirts with dino pics and rooooaaarrr!! here comes the dinosaur!

pink and green for combo party of boy and girl, mini cute dino part of the party decorations, green and pink heliums with dino silhouette..yummy drinks and dino-rrific time.

well the dino-eggs is about to hatch it vaporates and the spikes and spots start to form..yummy popcakes and creative inventions from farina fudgesicle bravo gurl! full party decorations and tablescape set up by howaboutparty for cute lil' aleesya-osaurus and airil-osaurus turns 6!

baby dino-eggie candy (white chocolate) sets in a dino-nest with ferns and plants! for a pre-historic era..

yummy swamp water from the mother of the 2 dinos not bad wild idea!

hey! thats the fossils it took them 3 hours to discover the whole of t-rex bones and fossil, poor mummy gotta clean up d courdyard with the dust and clay soil all over the place...

personalized dino-book for the lil' baby dino with coloring pages! hope you enjoy your birthday