mini golf

i really enjoy putting up this birthday. not that i love to play golf but i like the idea of having something different. a simple setup for mini family gathering in celebrating ihsan's 2nd birthday.

green with white polkadot helium was all over the place it was very windy that day until we have to put them together at the corner of the dessert table.

thanks to sabrina and farina in helping me putting up the dessert table the pop cake was really nice and cute and the macarons were terrific yummy! but the birthday boy took away the astro turf and using it as green for him to putt. way to go boy!

ihsan was not well that day. he was on homecare only for his birthday. i talk to his mother last few days and he is still hospitalized. hope you are feeling better sayang...may Allah protect you...but i'm glad he really enjoyed his birthday. insyaallah

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