i love periwinkle the flower blooms all the time. mixed of lilac, pink and green enhance the silver box.



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chinese new year wish

gong xi fai chai n happy holiday! we will be closing from 31st to 4th february 2011. we'll reply all the emails after that ok?

gong xi fa chai



pink is back..first party of the beginning year of 2011. alya's 2nd birthday on 01.01.11 coool! chicky yellow and sweet baby pink for alya!

premade balloons by partyclicks..20 bouquet of pink n yelllow daisies was finally put up not as the initial idea..hahaha..this is the best that we can do, having it vertical was sooo difficult.

..and so we have decided to have a desserts booth shelf instead of the normal desserts table. pretty cool idea since having too much of the glass jar on the desserts table is too typical and boring.

party goodie marshmallow, cotton candy love letters and jelly puddings and giving away at the end of the party.

our favorite (first time doing it) cone popcorn tree, inspired by merisik gallery cool! pink and yellow popcorn with personalized tag specially made for alya birthday

pink and yellow jelly puddings for dessert. yummy!

personalized pin wheel with pencil.

party goodie box with pink bubble, jelly candy, raisin and pudding jelly with personalized tag.

more goodie, cookie jar with kuih bangkit and not an ordinary kuih bangkit its pink and yellow!

this is the first time having cake from liez cake pretty creative and she interprets my design very well! thanks for support liez..

cuppies with swirl meringue also by liez.. 3 comments