dec sale :
  • 20 party invitation card
  • personalized party banner
  • 20 party favors bag
  • 10 party food tag label with ribbon and stick
  • 16 personalized noise maker & straw according to the theme
  • 30 balloon with stick
  • 20 personalized party placecard
  • 6 cuppies toppers
  • 12 pin wheel with pencil
  • 100 party round label for glass jar @ bottle label
* freebies
  • 1 premium party hat
  • 6 personalized pop sparkling water (label only)

christmas is early. we are having year end sale of our readymade party items. grab it now! valid only for 2010 more discounts and freebie for party pax and favors! contact us for more info at 0 comments

ultrapower pennant banner

i didn't know there ultraman has many generations: ultraman taro, ultraman tiga, ultraman gaia, ultraman amazing when i started googling and looking for the image that suite a 4 year old ajmal harith. this was made for my fabulous friend amie from merisik gallery she is also an event planner bravo amie!

go go ultraman power party theme red & silver. 1 comments

bee mine..bee happy..luvy dabeee

a request from a husband to his beloved wife.."baby.. be mine forever is the theme", i thought lovey doevy bee would be appropriate for the special buurrday dedicated to his wife. a simple setup, for 20 pax, personalized party setup and party present how lucky!

yellow candy kebab, honey stars, lovey lollies and yellow jelly candy part of the tablescape decor. 

honey lemon pudding and lemonade prepared by the birthday girl yoohoo!

a part from the birthday dual celebration for eid, we had pulut kuning with beef rendang yummy! part of the theme..

this cute cuppies by prettysmall bakery was pretty cute...eheheh half way all the bees are gone..the little ones..hahah no wonder they've been waiting anxiously when i was busy decorating hahahaha! so cute..

hope you enjoy your birthday sweet miss ayu! thanks...

lots of luv by howaboutparty 1 comments

my lion roarrrr!

the inspiration. fatie gave me the image and ask me to help her composing a lion favor box for her son mikhaeyll 1st  birthday. i was inspired by the male lion hiding in the tall grass, colours of dried "lalang" (tall grass" brown and green). i made some modification to the original favor box....

the fact that the lion hides in the bushes waiting for his meal may not work for me. crawling in the bush makes me itch..the photo was dark coz it was quite late in the evening. next time wear long sleeve shirt hah?

to fatie thanks for your support. hope you enjoy ur birthday! 0 comments

happy diwali

happy deeepavaaaliiii to all of our indian fans & friends. 0 comments

misca musca mickey mouse

misca musca mickey mouuuussseee...scope party banner for one of the event planning by miz amie (sorry i'm not sure what is the name of the company heheeh)..this must improve so very hard to cut the banner one by one hahaha...but honestly having fun with mickey ears.

our scope was only dealing with party banner but as usual we are crazy and we made some party proposals for miz amie invitation and party goodie. hope you enjoy your party setup's some idea for the party yea...misca musca mickeyyyy mooouuse...