daddy's birthday : enchanted forest

happy buuurday ayah. he is 62 years old, we had an enchanted forest birthday picnic at the resort in cyberjaya. we wanted to hv something simple and related to the surrounding. we chose davillia fern as the main theme. hope you enjoy your birthday ayah you're the best!

i always like fern, davillia are epiphytic ferns, with fronds arising from long aerial rhizomes which grow on and over thick bark on trees or on rock crevices. and in this case it grows at the old oil palm tree trunk. we had our family picnic under the palm tree nasi lemak, ikan bakar with kuah kicap (yummy) wrapped in banana leaf...despite of the busy schedule manage to hv this mini family gathering. :)

check out our new cuppies toppers! i like.. i like the cuppies made by prettysmallbakery. thanks for entertaining our last minute order hahahah...

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