more of the rainbow

 more of the happy faces and aidan is one

 i was a bit sad on the outcome of the desserts table guess i need to improve. this is the first time doing it, the composition was out place, not enough goodies, table to big and the space was really tight.....must improve!!

rainbow cake credit to a taste boutique. congartulations emelda u can interpret my design very well but i wish to hv some blue for the cake layer....heheheh...

cuppies credit to a taste boutique the buttercream is yummy with the splash of rainbow swirl and sprinkles. there you go girl!

personalized candy bar goodie from aireen and aidan. specially made & personalized mineral bottle for the petite vvip and the rainbow coookiiieeeeeesss my favorite goodie credit to patty's cookie. her cookie was very delicate well developed from the design that i gave her. lets try of more the crazy stuff in near future pat! luv yah!

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