oceanus, under the sea party

i have always like oceanus theme. afterall thought oceanus theme for girl will be in baby blue scheme soft and sweet. she is four and i was trying to keep everything as simple as it can be. less decoration and fluffy stuff. the goodie pax 'message in a bottle' kindda thing makes it even interesting, a simple sticker with the same theme as highlights. bubble bottle is part of the goodie.

the cute little fish biscuit and octopus shaped chocolate cookies are also part of the goodies and the kids love it. hope you had a wonderful birthday and thanks for sharing this fabulous birthday with howaboutparty. happy birthday girl!

a perfect party idea for your loved one. its cool its blue and lots of fun. some party idea of the personalized invitation card for girl and boy focussing on oceanus party theme.


rock a bye baby, she's 7

orange is her favorite colour, and she rock. minimal deco but it was fun and vibrant. free flow balloons hanging on the ceiling, the black color pallete create a modern edge and 'rock chics' details match the invitation card too!.
my favorite deco customized banner hanging behind the main table as the main focal point as you walk thru the door. hope you enjoy your party hanis..this is part of the fabulous party by howaboutparty...you rock girl!



happy mother's day to all cool mommies out there! hope you enjoy our gift! well.. vintage purple is the theme today, small gathering for a special mum. purple is her favorite color so its purplicious!


red box

i think she is sooo special. she wishes for a fun & chics birthday party. celebrating bithday with 30 other friends in the 'redbox' mid valley city. singing their favorite song . given a tight deadline trying to put together a cool door gift. compilation of all their favorite song and giving away a personalized cd cover and invitation. happy 12th birthday izzah hope you had a blast!